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MCM and Plate

MCM and Plate panel systems have always been a popular option.  Due to the design capabilities utilizing CNC router tables, panels can be formed into many custom shapes, in many different colors.  MCM panels come with a fire retardant (FR) core, meeting all testing requirements.  Utilizing the proprietary EVO extrusion system, we can provide you with a fully tested system, that truly has no exposed fasteners within the system.

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Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding was originally created to replace the different asbestos siding systems that were common prior to the 1980’s.  Fiber cement is a composite material, and depending on the manufacturer, consisting of many different materials.  Some of the common elements found within a fiber cement panel are water, sand, wood pulp/fiber, and portland cement. 


When it comes to fiber cement siding, you can use a single product to achieve multiple looks, such as wood, metal, stone, concrete or even brick.  This aids in limiting the number of contractors needed on the job site, and limiting the general contractor to a single source.  Due to the vast array of textures, finishes and colors, the design possibilities are nearly limitless. 

Insulated Metal Panels

Insulated metal panels (IMP’s) have become more popular in the United States with their ever changing designs and uses throughout the years. IMP’s come in a broad range of colors, profiles, textures/finishes, skin thicknesses, insulation thicknesses, type of insulation, attachment style and much more. Insulated panels historically install faster, and help dry a building in quicker than traditional construction practices.


IMP’s can be installed directly over open framing, and serves as your weather barrier/dry line, insulation for your needed R-value, sheathing and finished product.


About Our Company

Carros Metal strives to reach 100% customer satisfaction by providing a quality product and service, on time, with a fully dedicated, motivated and quality team. You can see a common theme between the employees of Carros Metal; quality of life, family oriented, dedicated, equal opportunity, and so much more.

Michael Carros

CEO, Carros Metal Concepts

Established 1999

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Whether you’re in need of custom fabricated MCM panels, single skin panels, insulated panels, fiber cement, or another type of architectural cladding, be sure to ask us how we can be of service.

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