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Mission Statement

Carros Metal strives to reach 100% customer satisfaction by providing a quality product and service, on time, with a fully dedicated, motivated and quality team. You can see a common theme between the employees of Carros Metal; quality of life, family oriented, dedicated, equal opportunity, and so much more.
Mission Statement

Why Choose Us

“Carros Metal is rich in their core values. Integrity, quality of life, respect, honesty, fairness, and equal opportunities are all major constituents within the company. Having a family friendly working environment, like minded co-workers, and a boss that respects and treats his employees as if they’re family makes Carros Metal the best place I’ve ever worked. I look forward to seeing the company grow and be as successful as possible. With the team Carros Metal has in place, the sky is truly the limit.”
"Carros Metal feels like what every other company tries to be. The people at Carros Metal have truly become a family to me and we all want each other to succeed; not just prioritizing our own goals over someone else. That mentality is just something I haven't seen often and I know it's what will be the driving force in how much we grow together as a family and a company."
"Carros Metal Concepts embodies everything I believe in: quality, reliability, and faithfulness. I am proud to be a part of a company that believes in providing quality products and services, being reliable in our commitments, and faithful to providing everyone inside the company and out an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. I am happy to be a part of this family and look forward to the many years here and the lifetime of friendships that will be forged."
"Carros Metal reflects the true meaning of Equal Opportunity, family oriented, integrity, respect, and an all for one and one for all team mentality and work ethics. I enjoy working with caring individuals and a boss who exemplifies all the characteristics that Carros was originally built on which still remain today stronger than ever. They are supportive in not only the work environment, but in all aspects of your personal life as well. Being a part of a team that works closely together and are open to all conversations, suggestions and ideas makes this truly a strong team that are up to any opportunity presented to us."

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Address: 2525 Richardson Rd
Villa Rica, GA 30180

Email: casey@carrosmetal.com
Phone: (770) 577-9301