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Carros Metal Concepts

Carros Metal Concepts, Inc. opened our doors in 1999.  In the beginning, we focused on metal trims and metal roofing.  As the years went on, the company grew, we began taking on the architectural cladding scopes of work.  The focus for Carros Metal has always been metal wall panels, insulated metal panel, aluminum/metal composite panels, custom perforated/designs via metal and fiber cement panels.  While those are the main focus, we have also supplied and installed slate tiles, terra cotta panels, metal roofing, phenolic panels, translucent panels and other scopes.  When the opportunity arose, we purchased our first CNC router in 2010.  Due to the growth of the company, and the ACM market, we purchased our 2nd router in 2020 to keep up with the demand.  In conjunction with the growth of ACM, we also purchased a 13’ roller to make column covers, whether round, elliptical or conical.  In 2010, we purchased our first facility, but it's our 3rd facility.  Now, we've outgrown that facility, and are in the construction phase of building a new, state of the art, building a few miles from our current location.  The building will house all of our employees, fabrication, storage, and more.  Carros Metal is looking forward to serving you for many years to come.


We believe a strong relationship starts with care.  We put every ounce in caring for our customers and each other, going the extra mile every chance we have.


When you work with us we give you the best we have.  From pre-con to delivered product it's our goal to give everyone full attention and commitment to produce a quality product.


We take pride in our history and current commitments.  We do this by taking accountability for every step of the processes.  Your passion becomes ours.

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